Medium overhead High Roller



Roller Stands, or Overhead Stands as they are often called, utilize all steel tubes and legs. Developed for flying Butterflies and Overheads on location and supporting large backdrops in studios, these stands feature wide bases for stability and terminate in the new 4.5″ Grip Head. Plates now feature two holes of 3/8″ and 5/8″ diameter that eliminate any confusion. New casting offers positive lock in all directions. The strongest and most popular 4-1/2″ Grip Head in the industry. Guaranteed to hold. Matthews casters are locking and non-marking. Made from steel components 

Max Ht: 167.5” (4255mm)

Min Ht: 64″ (1626mm)

Capacity: 88lbs. (40kg)

Weight: 35.5lbs (16kg)

Footprint: 60″ (1524mm)

Folded Base: 16″ (406mm)

Matthews Rolling Stands:

– Track in a straight line, especially important when moving overheads or butterflies

– No more foot castings

– Wheels are protected when folded