O’Connor 2575 D Head





Ergonomic Design / For Cinematography

  • Lightweight (22.9 lb / 10.4 kg)
  • Heavy Payload – up to 90 lb (40.8 kg)
  • Controls Located on the Operator Side
  • Single-touch Platform Release Lever
  • Twin Platform Scales/4 Handle Rosettes
  • Comfortable Hand Rest on the Left Side
  • Mitchell Ball Base & Tiedown
  • Collapsible Counterbalance Crank
  • Illuminated Level Bubble
  • 90ª tilt movement

Achieves rapid pan movements owing to the fluid drag system that allows the camera to move from one position to other very quickly and recover without any spring back

Allows high mobility via the Mitchell Ball Base and is secured in place by the Mitchell Tiedown Single-touch platform release lever allows easy unlatching of safety catch and unlocking the lever.

Offers sinusoidal counterbalance as well as stepless pan and tilt drag.  Allows easy counterbalance of payload via a collapsible counterbalance crank handle in tandem with a numerical readout.

Offers easy setup of camera system in low-light conditions via an illuminated level bubble, suited for current styles of cinematography involving light cameras, large lenses, and innovative accessories.