alexa mini tequila film
foro tequila film

La casa de renta de equipo profesional para producción más grande fuera de la Ciudad de México


Arry and Red Digital Cinema Cameras From
full HD to 8K


Get the best image quality with our variety of cinema lenses.


Tungsten, HMI, Kinoflo, and 650 to 12,K Watts

Grip Equipent

The best collection of equipment from Dollys
to Lighting Textiles

Production Mobil Unis

Full Equipment units, Staff, etc

Film Stage

With in Guadalajara Metropolitan area, Profesional sizes.

Special Equipment

Add production value with: Cranes, Sliders, Drones.

Power Generators

Bring Power wherever you need it

Why Guadalajara?

Make your production in Guadalajara is comfy and cheap instead of Mexico City

Why Tequila Film?

We have the better and most advance production equipment and the biggest Stage in the Guadalajara metropolitan area

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